So Now What?

So – now I have a kick-ass big gay yard.  Is that the end of this website?

Not at all!

I’m expanding my mind, my horizons, and my experiences.  There’s a whole big gay poly world out there just waiting to be explored! It’s becoming Kat’s Big Gay Poly Yard!

Real and Queer, I’ll be using this site to blog about queer and poly issues; but also about mental health issues, social justice issues, my personal journey, my princess dog, or whatever comes to mind. I’ll add Rochester Area resources, and I’ll be talking about Rochester area events.

I hope you come check out Kat’s Big Gay Poly Yard


My Story

I have a lot of experiences to share, past and present.

Roc Area Resources

Resources for the LGBTQ+ communities. Other resources too!


Local Events

I love talking about local events and area attractions!

Random  Cool Stuff!

This is my website, whatever I think is fun or cool may show up!