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Jan 31, 2022

Poly Flavors

Jan 26, 2022

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Kat’s Chats

A New Beginning

Welcome to Kat’s Chats. 

This blog is the corner of Kat’s Big Gay Yard where I can talk to you. About whatever comes to mind! I have lived in the Rochester area my whole life. I have 47 years of experiences with many different intersecting identities. These chats are my way of exploring my world, my feelings, my identities, and the diverse Rochester area.


I will be chatting about a diverse array of topics – mainly regarding my lived experiences navigating through life as a Queer, Disabled, Polyamorous, Panromantic, Graysexual, Kinky, CisGender female. In addition to my passion for LGBTQ+ advocacy, I have experience and I advocate for folks in the mental health community. I am striving to be an ally to the BIPOC community. I am pro-BLM, pro-choice, pro-women, pro-sex workers, and an all around special snowflake.


I hope that you will join me for future Kat Chats.





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