Kat Chat – Poly What?

 About Poly Symbols

  • The first is a traditional flag. The blue flag stands for open and honesty, the red stands for love and passion, and the black represents solidarity. 
  • The second is the heart and infinity symbol – standing for infinite love. This symbol may be in the original black/blue/red colors, or it may come in an assortment of LGBTQ flag colors.

A Few Cool Poly Resources


  • More Than Two is an excellent website for both beginners and veteran poly-folks. Great resources and approachable site. 


  • Marjani Lane is a pro-black polyamorous educator. I find their Instagram to be a great resource for the many intersectional identities found in the polyamorous world.






Kat Chats – Poly What?

January 18, 2022


I came across the above meme on Facebook this week. I really loved the sentiment and wanted to share it with you all! I am polyamorous, and love finding ways to help folks understand poly a little better. Education (and humor) go a long way, right?


I believe that the heart has an amazing capacity to love and be loved and I have been living in poly relationships for over 2 decades now. Currently I have two amazing guys whom I’ve been with for nearing two decades with one and one decade with the other.


Dating and relationships can be complicated, whether you have one romantic relationship or several. But it has been one of the best journeys that I have taken, and I’d never go back to attempting to live monogamously again.


I will talk about a lot of poly-related issues throughout this blog. But I thought I’d take a moment to give you a few basics about what poly is, and is not.


Polyamory – What Does It Mean?

The practice of having, or desire to have, more than one sexual and/or romantic partner at the same time with the enthusiastic consent of all parties.

Polyamory IS

  • all about love and connection
  • a way to make authentic, loving and consensual relationships
  • about communication and enthusiastic consent
  • about honesty and trust

Polyamory – IS NOT

  • cheating
  • a way to fix a broken relationship
  • all about sex 
  • anything that includes lying
  • a fad or way to buy time until finding “the one”
  • about being unable to commit

Polyamory – More In Future Blogs


So friends, there are some of the very basics about polyamory and how I live authentically and ethically with multiple loves in my life.


As I said earlier, I will definitely be talking more about poly and poly-related topics throughout this blog. Have a specific question? Feel free to email me at kat@katsbiggayyard.com and let me know – maybe I’ll answer your question in a future blog!


Love always,



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  1. So glad you’re writing, and that I had the opportunity to read. Really enjoyed this—and will continue to follow 💗

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