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Queer News – In The Media

Queer News In The Media

  • Trans Woman Makes Jeopardy History
  • Let’s Talk GLAAD Nominations
  • What’s Kat Watching?

Trans Woman Breaks Another Jeopardy Record

Way to go Amy!


If you are a Jeopardy fan like I am, then you have likely already seen Amy Schneider in action. She is amazingly smart, quick on the buzzer and as of the show that aired Monday, January 24, 2022, she beat out former Jeopardy contestant Matt Amodio for the second most consecutive wins, with a total of 39.

Ironically, the only contestant to win more consecutive games hosted for Amy’s 39th game (as well as many others).  Ken Jennings, who currently shares hosting duties with Miyam Bialik, won a staggering 74 consecutive games.

Amy is the highest winning female ever on Jeopardy, winning (as of the time of this writing) $1,319,800.  Will she catch up to Jeopardy super-star Ken Jennings?  I’ll be watching to find out!


GLAAD Nominations Feature Many Trans and Non Binary Folks

This Makes My Heart Happy


Reading over the list of the 2022 GLAAD Media Award Nominations made me so happy that I wanted to share it with you all!

A record-breaking 18 of the 30 television series that were nominated include trans or non-binary characters. That’s more than half! Even more exciting to me is that the shows that I have seen (at least) have been doing some great work with these folks. I watch several of the nominated shows and have put several of the nominated shows on my to-watch list!

The GLAAD Media awards are bestowed by GLAAD to recognize and honor outstanding representations of the LGBTQ community by media. The most recent nominations include “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” “Pose,” “The L Word: Generation Q,” “Sort Of,” “Sex Education” and several others.

 It’s worth noting that while I focused on TV shows (mostly because that’s my weakness) – several other categories also feature trans and non-binary characters. Six nominees for outstanding video games, for example, as well as five of the nominated comic books and graphic novels.

I, for one, am loving this new wave of LGBTQ+ representation. Take a look at the GLAAD nominations and start your watching (and reading) list there!

33rd GLAAD Media Nominations


So – What’s Kat Watching?

Queer, Poly, Trans TV Series


I am a sucker for a good TV series. I watch television series far more than movies. Here’s a list of some shows I’ve been watching that feature queer and/or trans and/or poly and/or non-binary folks.


  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Good Trouble
  • And Just Like That
  • 911: Lonestar
  • Sex Education 


That’s what I can think of off the top of my head – what are you watching? What else should I watch?  Leave me a message!






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